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Inquiries into the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

The Legislative Assembly recently referred the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, introduced by the Treasurer, Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships on 15 July 2015, and Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation (Protecting Firefighters) Amendment Bill 2015, introduced by the Member for Kawana on 3 June 2015, to the Finance and Administration Committee for its consideration. The Committee is required to report on both Bills by Friday 4 September 2015.

The Committee is currently calling for submissions on the Bills and wishes to convey this information to all firefighters in Queensland as the issues raised in the Bills directly affect Queensland firefighters. The Committee invites you to make a written submission on any matter addressed by the Bills. It should be noted that whilst the issue of provision for diseases/injuries contracted by firefighters is considered in both Bills, separate submissions should be forwarded addressing the issues raised in each Bill where applicable.

The closing date for submissions is 10am on Monday 10 August 2015. Submissions may be sent to the Committee by email, mail or facsimile. Please note that late submissions may not be accepted by the Committee unless agreed to prior to the closing date. A copy of the Guidelines for Submissions is attached for your information.

Depending on the content of submissions received, the Committee may consider holding a public hearing to clarify certain matters. For planning purposes, it is anticipated that the public hearing will be held on Friday 14 August 2015. The Committee will advise submitters, as soon as practicable after the closing date of submissions, of the details of the public hearing.

Additional information, including links to the Bills, Explanatory Notes and the introductory speeches can be obtained from the Committee’s website at:

Your attention should be drawn to Schedule 8 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders (Code of Practice for Public Service employees assisting or appearing before Parliamentary Committees).  This is attached for your reference, in particular, noting section 52, that public servants have the right to make submissions to committees but also noting the other requirements of that section and elsewhere.

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Code of practice for public service employees assisting or appearing before parliamentary committees

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