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photo_virt_rescue.jpgQueensland firefighters respond to a range of rescue related emergencies, including:

Road Crash Rescue

  • Firefighters free victims of transport related crashes using a range of specialist hydraulic, air and electrically powered rescue equipment. The same equipment and techniques is also applied at incidents involving rail and aviation incidents.

Technical Rescue

  • Swift Water Rescue: where persons are stranded or trapped (up a tree, in a drain or on a vehicle in a causeway) by fast moving water.
  • Confined Space Rescue: where persons are trapped in confined space areas from accidents or malfunctions (mostly industry).
  • High Angle Rescue: where persons are trapped and/or injured at height or steep incline such as high rise maintenance/window cleaning.
  • Trench Rescue: where persons have been completely or partially buried due to a collapse or incident in a trench on a worksite.
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR): search and rescue of people trapped by building collapses possibly caused by:
    • Terrorist attacks- World Trade Centre
    • Landslides- Thredbo
    • Structural Collapse- Opal House in the Brisbane CBD
    • Earthquakes- Newcastle

The QFES also has the capability to send a 72 person team, fully equipped and self sustaining for a period of 10 days, to any location within in the state, nationally and internationally, to attend emergencies when requested. The team, assembled from over 200 specially trained personnel, can be on route to any location internationally within six hours of notification.