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Fire Appliances

QFRS fleet
QFES firefighters use several types of firefighting appliances, the most common of which are the Type 3 – Urban Pumper Light and Type 4 – Urban Pumper Medium, used mainly in CBD areas, and the Type 2 – Medium Pumper Tanker, used widely in regional centres.

To improve service delivery to the community, Operations Engineering Services has a rolling appliance replacement program in place to maintain a nominal service life for each appliance Type. In consultation with Regions, Operations Engineering Services prepares each year’s build plan to take into account the appliances age and the Regions operational priorities.

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Fire Fighting Equipment

With improvements in technology, modern day firefighting equipment and protective clothing allows Queensland firefighters to move further into burning structures and stay in them for longer. This allows firefighters to carry out their tasks with greater efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

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QFES Operations Engineering Services Unit

Operations Engineering Services Unit plays a key role in QFES's operational and business success by providing strategic technical direction, technical leadership and specialist services.

Business activities include market research, product development, development of standards, asset management, technical consultancy and the provision and maintenance of assets.

The Unit is structured in five sections, that are aligned with areas of technical expertise:

  • Research and Development
  • Coordination and Projects
  • Design & Standards
  • Mechanical Services
  • Building Services

Operations Engineering Services Unit provides operational personnel with a wide range of services including problem investigation analysis and solving; feasibility studies and proving of concepts; advice on application of Standards; management of appliances and equipment; introduction of new technology and processes; accident investigation; and the provision or arrangement of specialist services, systems and equipment.