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Firefighting Clothing & Equipment


Turnout Clothing

A - Turnout Helmet. Australian Standards certified Structural firefightershelmet, complete with shell, face shield, neck protector and liner with adjustable headband and chinstrap. Available in white, yellow, Black (Commissioner level), Rescue Blue (for scientific) and red.

B - Turnout Coat. Features include; Lime yellow flame-resistant Nomex outer shell and Nomex comfort scrim inner liner. Two deep front pockets with Velcro fasten flaps, retro reflective tape around the sleeves, chest and hem, and zippered front, “Queensland Fire and Rescue” emblazoned on the back in reflective silver.

C - Firefighter Gloves. Australian Standards (type 111) Certified, structural fire fighting glove, made of leather and includes a moisture barrier.

D - Turnout Overtrousers. Features include; lime Yellow flame-resistantNomex outer shell and Nomex comfort scrim inner liner. Two deep front pockets and radio pocket  pockets fitted with Velcro fasten flaps, retro reflective tape around the ankles

E - Turnout Boots – Fully lined leather structural Fire fighters boots, available in either GP or pull on type Certified to Australian standards.

F - Flash hood the Flash hood is made from PBI/FR Viscose and interfaces with the structural fire fighting equipment such as; the turnout clothing, helmet and breathing apparatus.

Station Wear Uniform

Work uniformA - Epaulettes & Rank Insignia.

B - Flame resistant Station Wear Shirt. Modacrylic/cotton shirt available with long or short sleeves, epaulette straps and QFRS patches.

C - Name Badge.

D - QFRS Belt.

E - Flame resistant Station wear  Modacrylic/cotton Trousers.

F - Station wear elastic sided ankle Boots.




Fireground Communication Accessories

Communication equipmentFire Ground communication Accessories include;

• Helmet accessory initially Issued to station officers.
• SCBA accessory fitted to the SCBA mask

These accessories are used in conjunction with a speaker microphone, which replaces the speaker microphone supplied with the portable hand held radio.

Breathing Apparatus

Breathing apparatusBreathing Apparatus sets allow firefighters to enter areas filled with smoke or other poisonous gases. The sets consists of a cylinder that contains compressed air, a mask that is worn over the whole face, a gauge to tell the firefighter the pressure in the cylinder, a distress signal unit that activates if the firefighter stops moving and other safety equipment. The cylinder can supply up to 45 minutes of air although hard work and other factors can reduce this duration.

The breathing apparatus is also available in twin cylinder configuration for long duration.