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Structure and Local QFES Contacts

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is the primary provider of fire and emergency services in Queensland and is divided in to three specialist areas, these are:

  • Operations and Emergency Management (OEM) Division is responsible for ensuring the response capacity of QFES operational staff in emergent situations as legislated in the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 and Disaster Management Act 2003. OEM provides sustainable leadership and direction through the coordination of emergency management and fire and rescue operational activities. The Division is comprised of skilled fire and emergency management professionals within regions and statewide, working in partnership with local government and communities to improve resilience and enhance operational capacity during times of emergency.

  • Capability and Performance (CP) Division is responsible for leading the strategic framework and vision driving performance and integrated capability across QFES. The CP Division works closely with our portfolio partners to ensure the planning, policy and capability of our people, services and equipment are at their optimum in readiness for service delivery to the communities of Queensland. Specialist services such as Fire Communications, Community Safety, Fire Investigation, Swift Water Rescue and BA HazMat are integral elements of the CP Division.

  • Emergency Services Volunteers (ESV) Division is responsible for providing overall strategic leadership, direction and support to the Rural Fire Service Queensland, the State Emergency Service and other volunteer groups involved in emergency response. The Division works in partnership with local government to develop management and volunteer capability, and through the provision of high quality services, support and advice, ensures safer and more resilient communities across Queensland, which includes the provision of operational and volunteering support services supporting a unique mix of over 35,000 Rural Fire Service Queensland volunteers and approximately 6000 State Emergency Service volunteers.

QFES Structure

Region Contacts