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State Community Safety Operations Branch


Community safety unitOperations Management and Community Safety Operations are the two core functions of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). Whilst Operations Management is generally of a reactive nature Community Safety Operations has a proactive, preventative and investigative focus.

The QFES has positioned itself to be the leading fire service in Australia in regard to the way it manages fire safety. As a result of this, the level of fire safety in Queensland buildings is second to none. Without the influence of each and every specialised Community Safety Operations units, the level of fire safety in Queensland buildings would be compromised and lives could be lost.

Within QFES, everything we train for, everything we plan for, all equipment we purchase and all our operational strategies are underpinned by the belief that fire safety systems in buildings will be installed and maintained to our operational needs. State Community Safety Operations Branch (SCSOB) delivers these fundamentals to QFES frontline firefighters so they can operate effectively to minimise loss of lives and property.

SCSOB is a centralised branch providing policy and direction to frontline officers working in regions to ensure the services delivered across Queensland are consistently adding value to the community.

Community safety unitThe QFES has an interest in the building lifecycle from the design conception stage, through to demolition. SCSOB is involved at each stage as follows:

  • Design Conception Stage: The community expectation and level of fire safety knowledge is elevated by the fire safety programs delivered by the Community Education Unit. This heightened level of fire safety knowledge in the community ensures that developers of new buildings give due consideration to fire safety in their designs.
  • Building Design Stage: In the building design stage, SCSOB works to influence the design and construction phases of critical major infrastructure that has a significant life span and represents substantial investment by both private and public stakeholders. They also provide input to ensure the fire safety systems installed in this infrastructure provides the very best protection for these critical community assets. SCSOB is also a strong advocate for the advancement of fire safety in Queensland and works closely with key stakeholders towards enhanced community fire safety standards.
  • Approval Stage: The Building Fire Safety Unit and the Unwanted Alarms Unit provide advice and operational testing during the approval stage.
  • Occupation Stage: Once the building is occupied, SCSOB works within legislation that governs the obligations of Building Owners and Occupiers to ensure that the approved building design is maintained. Where necessary the Compliance and Prosecution Unit will enforce compliance.
  • Demolition Stage: Should the building experience a fire the Fire Investigation Unit will determine the cause and origin and make recommendations of preventative measures which are used to inform new building design and community education programs.