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Area 2 - Warwick


Warwick Command is the second most densely populated area within the region. Warwick Command incorporates the urban boundaries of Warwick, Allora, Clifton, Killarney, Stanthorpe, Wallangarra and Inglewood. There are 7 urban stations - 1 with both Permanent and Auxiliary crews and the other 6 with only Auxiliary crews.

Warwick area comprises the scenic border ranges and the agricultural area known as the Southern Downs. The Area is a very popular destination for tourists, who can select from a diverse range of activities and enterprises such as wine, olive and fruit production; equestrian, polo-crosse and horse racing; motor sports and historical buildings.

Warwick is known as the Rose City and features an annual Rose Festival and a Rodeo that each draws enormous numbers of visitors to the area.

Several major highways run through Warwick Area, resulting in a high percentage of Road Accident Rescue incidents involving passenger and heavy transport vehicles.

The current population of the region is 32,600 with 12,500 people living in the city of Warwick, 5,500 in the town of Stanthorpe, and 14,600 in surrounding towns.