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Qld Fire & Rescue Academy


Fire and Rescue The Queensland Fire and Rescue Academy puts Queensland at the forefront of fire training in the Southern Hemisphere.

Incorporating an education centre, live fire campus, technical rescue cell and commercial training facilities, the academy offers world-class training to firefighters, other emergency service agencies, community and industry.

The academy also contains advanced research facilities for the monitoring and analysing of fire behaviour and the testing of fire suppression materials and techniques, creating a safer working environment for firefighters and better protection for the Queensland community.

Besides the education centre, the three main features of the academy are the live fire training pad, the technical rescue cell, and the online campus, all offering Queensland firefighters world-class training, and assisting them in the delivery of an efficient, quality service.

Industry groups can also benefit from training programs offered at the academy, minimising their risk of human, financial and environmental losses through the creation of safer working environments and improved levels of emergency preparedness.

Live Fire Campus

Fire Campus The 1.5-hectare live fire training campus has been developed to international standard and provides realistic fire training in a safe environment.

Training props simulate a variety of potential fire environments such as buildings, residential dwellings, light industry and industrial processes.

These simulations allow trainees to safely view and participate in the control of fires in various learning environments.

The live fire campus is fully self-contained with education facilities, a fire incident research and monitoring building, first aid and mess rooms, an equipment store and workshop.



Online Campus

The online campus will deliver online learning packages to staff, including volunteers, remote communities and commercial clients.

It will support trainees by providing relevant up-to-date information, and allow them to record and track their own performance.

The online campus aims to make learning more accessible, encouraging students to "start small, think big - progress at your own pace."

Technical Rescue Cell

The academy's technical rescue cell has training props that allow firefighters to train in a diversity of rescue scenarios including vertical, trench, confined space, and urban search and rescue.

The confined space and trench rescue props are used to educate students in breathing apparatus use, confined space manoeuvering and rescue and in shoring and recovery techniques.

The vertical rescue tower is used for rescue training and elevated hose operations.

National and international search and rescue procedures and training methods have been evaluated in the development of these training programs and facilities, which are designed to meet the particular needs of Queensland firefighters and their community.