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SES Human Resources



BMH 1.0 Code of Practice*


BMH 2.0 Application for General Membership*

FBMH 2.0.1 Application for Membership Form*

FBMH 2.0.2 Photo Consent Form*

FBMH 2.0.3 Medical Data Form*

FBMH 2.0.4 Medical Report for Operational and Training Activities*

FBMH 2.0.5 Application for Membership Checklist*

FBMH 2.0.6 Application for Membership Booklet.*

BMH 4.0 Staff as SES Members*


BMH 5.0 Criminal History Check*

FBMH 5.0.1 Consent to check Police Records and advise a Third Party*

BMH 6.0 Code of Conduct*

FBMH 6.0.1 Code of Conduct Information Record*

BMH 7.0 Criminal Charge and Convictions*


BMH 9.0 Diminished Performance*

FBMH 9.0.1 File Note*

FBMH 9.0.2 Performance Improvement Plan*

BMH 10.0 Disciplinary Process*


BMH 10.1 Managing Misconduct Issues*


BMH 11.0 Grievance Resolution*


BMH 12.0 Drugs and Alcohol*


BMH 14.0 Volunteer Executive Appointments*

FBMH 14.0.1 Executive Member Appointment (PDF 84kb/Updated 15/02/2017)
FBMH 14.0.1 Executive member Appointment (Word 177kb/Updated 15/02/2017)

FBMH 14.0.2 Annual Performance Review*

FBMH 14.0.3 Executive Member Vacancy Application Cover Sheet*

BMH 15.0 Induction*

Induction Checklist

BMH 16.0 Infectious Diseases*


BMH 16.1 Infectious Diseases Hep B*

FBMH 16.1.1 Hep B Form*

BMH 17.0 Management of Pregnant Volunteers*


BMH 18.0 Fatigue Management*


BMH 21.0 General Member Probation*

FBMH 21.0.1 Probationary Interview Form*

BMH 22.0 Recruitment and Selection*


BMH 24.0 Workplace Health and Safety*


BMH 25.0 Workers’ Compensation*


BMH 26.0 Membership Classification*


BMH 26.1 Membership Administration*

FBMH 26.1.1 Performance Review Form*

BMH 26.2 Management Requirements for Members under 18 years*

FBMH 26.2.1 Parental Consent and Information Record - Member under 18 years*

BMH 26.3 Transfer of Membership*

FBMH 26.3.1 Transfer of Membership*

BMH 26.4 Suspension of Membership*


BMH 26.5 Cessation of Membership*

FBMH 26.5.1 Cessation of Membership*

FBMH 26.5.2 Exit Survey*

BMH 26.6 Leave of Absence*

FBMH 26.6.1 Request for Leave of Absence*

BMH 27.0 Conflict of Interest*


BMH 28.0 Access, Equipment and Harassment*


NBMH 1.0 Interim Change to Criminal History Check Process*

FBMH 5.0.1 Consent to check Police Records and advise a Third Party*

​TacD 19.01.00 FESSN – Critical Incident Response Management

*This publication was produced prior to the current government.