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Forms and Templates


​​Referral Agency Advice

Request for Meeting

Request for Comment on Fire Engineering Brief

Application to Assess/Reassess Special Fire Services and/or Alternative Soluti​on Design​

Application to Inspect/Reinspect Special Fire Services and/or Alternative Solution Design

Documentation Only S​ubmission

Application for Major Development Fire Safety Services

Building Owners / Occupiers

Application for Building Fire Safety Services

Application for Fire Safety Report (Search Requests)

Fire and Evacuation Sign and Diagram (Landscape)*

Evacuation Signs - Accommodation Units (Portrait)

Fire and Evacuation Plan for High Occupancy Buildings

Fire and Evacuation Plan for Low Occupancy Buildings

Evacuation Instruction Record

Evacuation Practice Record

Fire Safety Installation Checklist

Occupier Statement (QDC MP 6.1) (The statement can be located in Part 6.0 Maintenance of buildings, click on the Commissioning and maintenance of fire safety installations)


Building Industry Professionals

Approved Critical Defect Notice with Corresponding Explanatory Notes*

FSA Application Form

Monthly FSA Network Membership Report


Budget Accommodation Buildings

*This publication was produced prior to the current government.