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​​Fire Alarm and Building Design Guidelines for the reduction of unwanted alarms

The Fire Alarm and Building Design Guidelines for the Reduction of Unwanted Alarms are based on existing building legislation and Australian Standards to which fire alarms must currently comply.

See link to ​​guidelines​​​.

Can QFES provide any specific design specifications for the reduction of Unwanted Alarms?

The role of QFES is not to design but to ensure achievement of specified performance by providing outcomes as stipulated in the guidelines. The following bullet points may provide further guidance for a developer/ architect to establish, evaluate and document the design of buildings in order to reduce unwanted alarms.

  • Consider the people who are expected to live, work and visit the facility;
  • Conduct an analysis of the internal/external design and the potential impact of the external environment;
  • Review specific internal design features specific to the bathroom and kitchen such as the proximity of smoke detectors and ventilation entertainment systems;
  • Review the building air management system and the prevailing natural air flow;
  • Ensure an appropriate range of approved components incorporating suitable specifications have been professionally considered for installation.