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Road Attitudes and Action Planning

RAAP The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services’ (QFES) Road Attitudes and Action Planning (RAAP) program is an initiative of operational firefighters. It is designed as a preventative strategy to provide information to young people about road safety so that they can make an informed decision to mitigate risks and consequences by planning ahead.

RAAP is presented in the school environment by operational firefighters who have experience with the trauma involved with vehicle crashes. They bring the credibility of someone who experiences dangerous situations and incidents on a regular basis with continual exposure to the consequences of road crashes.


The program is educational, designed to:

  • Use the trusted status of firefighters in the community to provide young people with information so they can make informed decisions.
  • Reduce the number of injuries and deaths in road crashes in the 17-24 age groups which is over-represented in the statistics.




The program addresses the contributing factors putting young drivers at such a high risk including and not limited to:

  • Less developed visual and perceptual skills
  • Inability to accurately identify and respond to risks and/or hazards when driving
  • Overconfidence
  • Inattention caused by inexperience coping with distractions while driving
  • Tendency to drive at high risk times (e.g. at night with a number of other young people in the car)
  • Alcohol, illicit substances, prescription medication or a combination of these
  • Deliberate risk taking (e.g. high speed driving and/or tailgating)

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