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Clothes dryers are often responsible for laundry fires. Remembering to clean the lint out of a clothes dryer filter as often as possible, will help prevent the machine overheating and will go a long way towards preventing house fires.

By following a few simple steps below householders can help prevent a clothes dryer fire:

  • Clean the lint filters in clothes dryers after every load
  • Make sure that each load goes through a full cycle, giving the dryer an opportunity to cool down
  • Regularly dust the grill of the clothes dryer to prevent dust build up and overheating.
  • Don't overload power points in the laundry
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation and air space around the clothes dryer
  • From time-to-time, clean the lint filter in soapy water to remove any build up of material over the filter. 
  • Turn dryer off before leaving the house.