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Protect your home, family and treasured possessions by taking the appropriate fire safety precautions. When you follow the correct safety measures, you are actively fighting fire.

Good habits for heating

House fires can be caused by the unsafe use of heaters. The following fire safety tips are recommended:

  • Always position clothes, newspapers, kindling and other flammable materials at least one metre from any heater.
  • Ensure only the approved fuel is used in liquid-fuelled heaters.


  • Have your heater installed to Australian Standards specifications by a professional installer.


Portable heaters

  • For portable heating choose models that have automatic safety switches that turn the heater off if tipped over.
  • Position portable heaters away from areas of heavy traffic.
  • Always turn off your heater when going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Keep portable electric heaters away from wet areas to avoid the possibility of electric shock.


Chimneys and flues

  • Have your flue installed professionally
  • Insulate the flue from roofing timbers and wall panelling
  • Flues and chimneys should be cleaned once a year to prevent a build up of flammable material and ensure the heater functions correctly.


Open Fireplaces

  • Place a metal mesh guard in front of open fires to protect against flying sparks and embers
  • Unless well-guarded, extinguish the fire completely before leaving the house or retiring for the night
  • Guards help protect children from burn injuries


Electrical Appliances

The majority of lounge rooms have a number of appliances used for entertainment and comfort. The following tips are recommended:
  • Do not overload power points.
  • Use 4 outlet powerboards with overload protection.
  • The use of double adaptors is not recommended.
  • If you have any concerns about electrical appliances, contact an electrician.