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Teach your kids about 000

000Young children are capable of learning how and when to dial 000, and the QFES advises families to take the time to explain it carefully.

In the panic of an emergency, some people forget to dial 000 or assume that someone else has done it - so reinforcing 000 for emergencies will help the whole family, not children.

Here are the important steps to teach:

  • If you see a fire or other emergency dial zero, zero, zero (000) on the telephone.
  • When the operator answers, ask for the service you want - eg. Fire, ambulance, police.
  • Wait to be connected and you will be asked what the emergency is - eg house fire.
  • You will then be asked the address.
    • Try to teach children the full address, including the house number, street name, suburb and town, and even the cross street (the street that forms the nearest corner).
    • If your child is too young to learn your full address, you should still teach them to ring 000 - caller line identification technology gives emergency communications operators the address from which a call has been made.
  • Tell the operator if you think anyone is hurt or trapped.
  • Wait for the operator to hang up before you do.
  • Get out of the house and wait outside for the Emergency Service to arrive.

By teaching your child what happens when they dial 000 in an emergency and practising with them (without actually placing a call), it could one day save their life - and yours.