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Organisational Development and Training Services


Leader Advice Line

FESSN CareFULL Leaders can benefit leaders in developing the strategies and confidence to tackle the more challenging people management situations, especially those involving emotional responses and well-being. FESSN Coaching can help you discuss 'people' situations, plan effective responses and gain specific feedback and guidance on their approaches.

Coaching and Consultation with Management

Leadership Development is the key to preparing and protecting our leaders:

  • leadership behaviours are one of the best predictors of coping and performance in a work team

  • issues such as Duty of Care and Discrimination regarding Mental Health and Well-being require leaders to understand how to respond

  • a leading cause of stress for leaders is feeling a lack of the rights skills to manage unfamiliar processes.

These three facts are key to looking after our own and making sure we are all travelling in the right direction. Leadership coaching and facilitation are some of the services FESSN provides to give our leaders the tools they need to get the job done.


Fire and Emergency Services Support Network's (FESSN) highly experienced trainers understand the unique challenges for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and use this knowledge to develop and deliver targeted training that has real, on the job, usefulness.

FESSN provides training on issues such as Mental Toughness, Flexible Problem Solving, Communicating through Conflict and Leading through Critical Times.

General Training

Examples of training sessions delivered to staff and volunteers include:

  • information sessions about the Fire & Emergency Services Support Network

  • stress management

  • communication skills

  • management tools for staff well-being

  • CIRM Strategic Response to Crisis

  • Handy Hints for Deployment

  • injury in the workplace – Early Intervention Protocol for Managers

  • managing change.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list, courses can be developed to meet the specific needs of staff.

For further information please contact the FESSN on 1300 309 508 or email