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Essential Contacts

External Counsellor Contact List

Access is completely confidential – Only the Counsellor knows the name or identifying details of their clients.

To find a Counsellor in your region, click on the link above.

Peer Support Officer Contact List

PSOs are QFES colleagues who volunteer to assist with work related or personal difficulties.

To find a PSO in your region, click on the link above.

FESSN Management Team: 1300 309 508

The main office for the Fire and Emergency Services Support Network (FESSN) Management Team is located at:

Emergency Services Complex
Level 1 Block B
125 Kedron Park Road
Kedron QLD 4031

Telephone: 1300 309 508

Facsimile: 07 3247 8150


Barbara Gonda

Manager, Critical Incidents and Peer Support Services

Contact Barb in relation to any enquiries relating to critical incident support such as how to manage a critical incident or if you need some support after one. You don't need to identify yourself so your enquiry can be confidential.

Phone: 07 3635 3131


Dr Bernie Scully
Manager, Clinical and Organisational Development

Contact Bernie with any Clinical queries like Counselling or Regional PSO Supervisions; or with any Organisational Development queries, like Leadership Development, Training, Coaching to Leaders e.g. difficult conversations advice.

Phone: 07 3635 3474


Robyn Kirby
Coordinator, Peer Support Programs

Contact Robyn for any queries to the Peer Support Program.

Phone: 07 3635 3909



FESSN Free Call (professional Counsellor): 1800 805 980

FESSN provides a free 24 hour confidential telephone counselling service for all members and their immediate family members.

It is a ' pager service', therefore, upon calling the free 1800 telephone number you will be asked to leave your contact details so the On-Call Counsellor can return your call as soon as possible. This line is serviced by a Roster of FESSN Counsellors, so you may not get the same Counsellor each time you call. This is NOT a crisis service and may take up to 2 hours for your call to be returned.