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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I seek help?

You should seek help from a Peer Support Officer or a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellor if you notice:

  • the way you feel is getting in the way of living the life you would like to lead

  • an increase in your alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use

  • any decline in the quality of your relationships

  • an unwelcome change of behaviour that has negative consequences for you.

What type of issues does FESSN address?

Fire & Emergency Services Support Network can help with any life issue that may be troubling you. For example:

  • critical incident stress

  • work issues such as conflict, stress, harassment and bullying etc.

  • emotional difficulties

  • self-esteem issues

  • home/family/relationship difficulties

  • communication difficulties

  • loss and grief.

Who can use the FESSN services?

Any QFES staff member or volunteer or their immediate family for any personal or work-related issue.

The FESSN acknowledges "immediate family" as a spouse/de facto and dependent family members.

How do I use FESSN Services?

You can contact PSOs or Counsellors directly to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time.  Their contact details are available at:  

List of Peer Support Officers

List of professional external Counsellors

You do not need permission to speak with a support person.
You can also contact the FESSN Management Team to discuss options on 1300 309 508.

Are these sessions confidential?

Peer Support Officers (PSOs) and Counsellors adhere to strict confidentiality in all interactions with fellow workers.

Personal information about staff and volunteers gained through their roles as PSOs or Counsellors may only be revealed when:

  • it is a legal requirement to disclose information

  • failure to disclose information would place the client or another person at risk of harm

  • the member's written consent has been obtained to release the information to another person or agency

  • PSO attends confidential supervision sessions with the Regional Supervision Counsellor.

How can I speak to someone immediately?

  1. If it is life threatening, call 000 (triple 000).

  2. FESSN provides a free 24 hour confidential telephone counselling service for all members and their immediate family members. Call 1800 805 980

It is a ' pager service', therefore, upon calling the free 1800 telephone number you will be asked to leave your contact details so the On-Call Counsellor can return your call as soon as possible. This line is serviced by a roster of FESSN External Counsellors, so you may not get the same Counsellor each time you call. This is NOT a crisis service and may take up to 2 hours for your call to be returned.