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Critical Incident Response and Management



Critical Incident

A Critical Incident (CI) is complex and varied, and is any experienced or witnessed incident, either directly or indirectly, which impacts on an individual or group and leads to:

  • unusual or unexpected emotional reactions, or
  • reactions which last longer than expected, or
  • excessive strain upon a person's usual abilities to function.

Many aspects can contribute and these factors can be subtle, accumulative or acute, and the urgency and nature of the required response may vary greatly.

Critical Incident Response & Management

The critical incident response and management (CIRM) is a comprehensive process for the management of the well-being of those members either directly or indirectly exposed to a CI.

It aims to reduce and/or mitigate the negative consequences of exposure to a traumatic or critical incident and support recovery in order to move towards resilience and post traumatic growth and well-being.

All QFES members have a role in reducing the impact of trauma. It is the task of managers, PSOs and RSCs to enable and facilitate this process to support, maintain and promote resilience and well-being.

The CIRM incorporates the:

  • proactive delivery of pre-incident education such as awareness and well-being strategies
  • responsive delivery of appropriate (individual or group) support following an incident
  • ongoing awareness and appropriate monitoring of QFES members/crews to ensure their well-being with referral when necessary. 

The process of notification and activation is listed in Tactical Directive 19.01.00 FESSN – Critical Incident Response and Management – Activation. Additionally, Appendix B- Peer Support Guide – Considerations in determining the most appropriate CI response - assists in determining the need for support following a CI.

Critical Incident Response Team

Critical incidents are complex and as a result, the urgency and nature of a response from CIR PSOs can vary. The critical incident response team (CIRT) will coordinate the initial peer support response to the CI according to specific factors and indicators presented within the CI.

The CIRM Team is comprised of the following:

  • Critical Incident Response Peer Support Officer

  • The Regional Supervision Counsellor

  • The Regional Peer Support Coordinator

  • The FESSN Management Team.