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Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellors are a network of external psychologists and counsellors in private practice across the state.

Each member of our network has been specifically endorsed because of their experience working with emergency services workers, their professional training, experience in the mental health domain or a relevant specialty. They are all registered with the three nationally recognised professional associations that regulate the counselling profession and monitor the quality of practice.  These are the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Australian Association of Social Workers and Psychotherapists and Counselling Federation of Australia.

What does Counselling involve?

Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellors will discuss your concerns and their effect on your life and work. They are trained to help you deal effectively with you concerns by examining a range of options, giving you psychological education and treatment where necessary. Support is provided in a caring, non-judgmental environment. 

Of course, you don’t have to feel bad to want to feel better.  The expertise of psychologists and counsellors is often used, across many domains in sports and organisational settings, to enhance performance.  To that end the Fire & Emergency Services Support Network counsellors are also available to those members and teams who are looking to improve their work capacity.

Referrals to Counselling

Peer Support Officers and workplaces in each Region have a List of Fire and Emergency Services support network Counsellors registered to provide Fire & Emergency Services Support Network counselling.

  • You may refer yourself directly to a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellor
  • You DO NOT need permission from your supervisor to seek counselling from a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network counsellor
  • Other people, such as a supervisor may refer you, but only with your permission

If counselling is sought during work hours, suitable arrangements need to be made with your supervisor.

All staff, volunteers and their immediate family are entitled to FOUR 50min counselling sessions each year. 


Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellors are professionally bound by the guidelines, policies and procedures of  the Fire & Emergency Services Support Network , which are in accordance with the DCS Privacy Statement.  Your personal information is private and Fire & Emergency Services Support Network counsellors may only reveal personal information when:

  • It is a legal requirement to disclose information
  • Failure to disclose information would place the client or another person at risk of harm
  • The client's written consent has been obtained to release the information to another person or agency
  • At times an audit will be conducted, during which an external auditor will record clients’ names and dates of sessions


There is NO cost to the client for the first FOUR 50 minute counselling sessions.

Further counselling beyond FOUR sessions may be available, subject to written prior approval from the Manager, Clinical & Organisational Development.

Generally, extensions may be given when the problem is impacting upon emergency services work performance and especially when the safety of the client or others is at risk.

1800 Telephone Number

The Fire & Emergency Services Support Network provides a free 24 hour confidential crisis telephone counselling service for staff and their immediate family members.

The service is pager operated. Upon calling the free 1800 telephone number you will be asked to leave your contact details so a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network counsellor can return your call as soon as possible. The free telephone counselling service is aimed at providing assistance to those who require immediate help or support.

Free Call: 1800 805 980