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What is available?

Annual allocation of 4 FREE counselling sessions with an external, independent Counsellor.

Extensions to this allocation can be easily accessed if required.

Who would provide Counselling to me?

FESSNs network of highly qualified external Psychologists and Counsellors in private practice across the state.

Each Counsellor has been specifically selected for their experience working with emergency services workers and the challenges that this can bring (e.g. Relationship issues, Posttraumatic Stress, Depression…).

Each FESSN Counsellor is registered with a relevant nationally recognised professional association that regulates the profession and monitors the quality of practice.

These are the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Australian Association of Social Workers and Psychotherapists and Counselling Federation of Australia. FESSN also monitors its Counsellors and provides opportunities for members to provide confidential feedback on their experiences (see below).

What does Counselling involve?

FESSN Psychologists/Counsellors are trained to help you deal effectively with concerns by giving you education and psychological support where necessary. 

FESSN counsellors are professionally bound to maintain absolute confidentiality by their own registration regulatory bodies, and by their signed agreement with QFES.

There is NO identifying information shared from FESSN Counsellors to FESSN or QFES in any way.

Your personal information is private and FESSN Counsellors may only reveal personal information when:

  • it is a legal requirement to disclose information

  • failure to disclose information would place the client or another person at risk of harm

  • the client's written consent has been obtained to release the information to another person or agency

  • at times an audit will be conducted, during which an external auditor will record clients' names and dates of sessions.

How would I access?

You DO NOT need permission.

Access is completely confidential – Only the Counsellor knows the name or identifying details of their clients.

You may refer yourself directly using the following link: Click here to find a counsellor 

Or Call FESSN on 1300 309 508 and a QFES Psychologist can provide you with contact details for your local Counsellors.

PSO Referrals to Counsellors

Peer Support Officers (PSOs) are trained in having conversations with members about challenges they might be experiencing. They have also been trained in linking members into the right support service if required.

You may speak with a PSO as an initial step prior to accessing counselling, although you don't have to.

PSOs know all of the Counsellors in their region. You may ask a PSO about what service or Counsellor they recommend.

Click here to find a Counsellor

Click here to find a PSO

Urgent Counselling Support

If there is a threat or potential threat to life:

  • Call 000 (emergency services)

The following options are provided for other urgent matters

24 hour Phone Contact- 1800 Telephone Number

Free Call: 1800 805 980

FESSN provides a free 24 hour confidential telephone counselling service for all members and their immediate family members.

It is a ' pager service', therefore, upon calling the free 1800 telephone number you will be asked to leave your contact details so the On-Call Counsellor can return your call as soon as possible.

This line is serviced by a roster of FESSN External Counsellors, so you may not get the same Counsellor each time you call. This is NOT a crisis service and may take up to 2 hours for your call to be returned.