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National First Responders Mental Health Survey

Have your say on the mental health of police, fire and emergency services

As you may be aware the beyondblue National Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey is in its final weeks. Please take the time to complete yours!

Please find in the link below a written ‘personal story’ featuring an interview with Queensland Emergency Fire Service Superintendent Tim Watkins emphasising the importance of this study to our workforce.

Also in response to recent feedback from some agencies with the survey in field, we have been able to produce a video featuring a firefighter speaking of his own experience

Fire and Rescue video: Kev

Fire and Rescue - Tim's Story

Thanks you again for your on-going efforts and support for the survey and study.



This survey is funded by beyondblue as part of the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Study of Police and Emergency Services with support from the Bushfire Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre.