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2018 Australia Day Achievement Award Nominations


The Australia Day Achievement Awards are a proud tradition of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). 

The Australia Day Achievement Awards allow QFES to recognise the outstanding achievements of our colleagues who often go above and beyond the normal course of duty to provide significant contributions to the delivery of fire and emergency services in Queensland.

The 2018 Australia Day Achievement Awards presentation ceremonies will be held across the state from 23 January 2018. 

Nomination forms

Send all nominations through to your respective Assistant Commissioner/Executive Director's office no later than COB Tuesday 31st October 2017.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsor, QSuper, for their continued support of QFES and the Australia Day Achievement Awards.


For more information or assistance please contact Scott Neville on 3635 2222 or Angie Ingram on 3635 3496.



2017 Australia Day Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 79 members of the QFES workforce, both paid and volunteer, who were awarded Australia Day Achievement Medallions at ceremonies around the state on 24 and 25 January 2017.

Recipients were recognised for going above and beyond in their duties and making exceptional contributions in their roles at QFES over the past 12 months.

Six organisations and individuals external to QFES were also awarded Australia Day Appreciation Certificates for their support of the department and our workforce.

Thanks must go to our sponsor, QSuper, for their ongoing support of QFES and the Australia Day Achievement Awards.

All recipients are listed below by the region they were nominated in and we congratulate them all on their achievements.​

​Brisbane Region

Australia Day Achievement Medallions:

​Melissa Thomas

Raymond Garcia

Angelia Ingram

Michael Artlett

Rosemarie Cudahy

Jason Lawler

Trevor Stark

Luke Beaven

Marc O'Brien

Catherine Duchock

Bryan Hallam

Kai Borchert

​Trevor Trembath

Ben Wieczorek

Thomas Eyles

Stephen Lee​

Shane Coote

Marc Herbert

Matthew Kelemen

Shane Breen

Peter Derges (South East)

Peter Johnson (North Coast)

Richard Reddish

(Awarded posthumously)

​Clayton Coughlan

Anthony Upton

Helen Macronald

David Concannon

David Zammit

Guy Gibson

Phillip Mckean

Adam Haylock

Deborah Diedrichs

Annette Woodford

Benay Mcnabb

David Visick

Appreciation Certificates:

Carey Fuller, Energex​

​Central Region

Australia Day Achievement Certificates:​

​Rowan O'Donoghue

Regan Prior

Michael Sunderland

Brendan Gigante

Hayden Ryan​

​Michael Ferry

Bradley Kingston

Jeffery Ohl

Greg Pearce

Doug Veach​​​

​Cressida Derbyshire

Lynette Porter

David Sealy

Melissa Sealy

Anthony Cockle​

Appreciation Certificates:

Aurizon Rockhampton

Cameron Smith, Education Queensland​

Far Northern Region

Australia Day Achievement Medallions:​

​Michael Bennett

David Denholm

Luke Grimshaw

Ian Lawless​

​Conor Maguire

John McMartin​

Colin Dreier

Andrew Herrington

Andy Stemmler

David Swan

Ann Simpson​

Appreciation Certificates:

NQ Crash and 4WD Spares

Cook Shire Council​

Northern Region

​​​Australia Day Achievement Medallions:​

​Trevor Doyle     

Shane Miles      

Mark Fraser       

Nicole Bradley

​​Ian Hemerik      

Roy Pace          ​   

Anthony Boyle 

Christopher Quin

​Walter Thomasson

Kimberleigh Smith ​​

South West Region

Australia Day Achievement Medallions:

Petr Lukes

Roni Bau​

Monica Galvin

Michelle Mallender

Michael Perrin

Vicki Searle

Scott Shorten

Andrew Walker​

Appreciation Certificates:

Southern Down Regional Council

​Please note: Central Region's ceremony has been postponed until further notice.