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Account Services


The Debt and Account Management unit delivers a range of invoicing and receivables management services through legal recovery, insolvency services and auditing. Account Services endeavour to provide exceptional client services whilst providing a high standard of customer service and a strong culture of compliance with regard to legislation and regulations that govern the Public Safety Business Agency, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Police Service.


Account Services produce and reconcile all requests for Tax Invoices on behalf of the QFES, this area produces up to 1000 invoices each month for a number of QFES business units including; Rural Fire Service Queensland, Training and Emergency Management, Operational Incidents and Community Safety.

Debt Recovery

Debt Services provide a full range of receivables management services which range from receivables, legal and insolvency services. The Debt Team focus on providing the highest ethical standards and a strong culture of compliance with the laws and regulations governing our business.