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Contract Management

The Contract Management Unit is responsible for providing contractual and technical support to monitored alarm premises. This is done through:

The Alarm Management Agreement (AMA) is administered by the Contract Management Unit. The AMA is a contract between QFES and the registered premises owner of a protected premises that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. If your premises is monitored by the QFES, the terms and conditions outlined in the AMA applies to you.  

In addition, the Contract Management Team work with Fire Communications and their support units to ensure best alarm management practices are implemented, managed and adhered to.

The Contract Management Team also work closely with the fire protection alarm industry providing solutions for alarm monitoring. Development in this area has seen alarm technicians accountable for their standard of work, the alarm industry and QFES taking a more proactive approach toward Community Safety, timely key lodgment and relevant turnout information, compliance and consistency to processes and Risk Management.

The ​​QFES Schedule of Charges (PDF 135KB) outlines the costs associated with Alarm Monitoring.

What is an ASE?


The Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) is the device inside your fire panel which enables the monitoring of your buildings’ fire equipment by QFES. The ASE will send signals to the fire monitoring centre to advise of any changes in status of your fire equipment e.g. activations and panel faults. Fire Alarm Monitoring for premises may be prescribed under the Building Code of Australia. Premises which meet these criteria require direct brigade monitoring via the ASE device.

*This publication was produced prior to the current document.