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Alarm and Accounts Receivable Management

Alarm and Accounts Receivable Management (AARM) is part of the Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA). Our purpose is to provide high quality support to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and Queensland Police Service (QPS) who are committed to protecting the community, people and property. Alarm monitoring is a service managed by AARM to ensure buildings which are either prescribed under legislation to have a direct turnout, or those that elect to have a direct turnout, receive an appropriate QFES response in the shortest possible time, in the event a fire is detected by their fire detection systems.

AARM manages the fire alarm monitoring service that is provided to over 6500 premises across Queensland. We pride ourselves on the delivery of effective and efficient services that contribute to:

  • Building and Fire Safety;
  • Reduction of Unwanted Alarm Activations;
  • Accounts Administration;
  • Risk Mitigation;
  • Emergency Contact Maintenance; and
  • Alarm Monitoring Technical Support.