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​Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment

Expressions of Interest for the 2018 Basegrade Firefighter Campaign are now open

Becoming a firefighter with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) does not come easily. The process is very competitive and requires hard work and patience. 

Applicants only get one opportunity per campaign to successfully complete assessments. To be successful, you have to prepare. Preparation needs to start early, well before applications open.

Don't worry – you still have time. 

Applications for the 2018 QFES Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment Campaign will open in the later part of this year.  The 2018 Campaign will select applicants to fill recruit training programs commencing in 2018.

To help you prepare, a number of assessment demonstrations, open days and information sessions will be conducted in the months leading up to applications opening. These activities are designed to help applicants succeed. If you are unsure of the requirements of an assessment, it is highly recommended you consider attending one of our events.

Register your details in order to receive information on the recruitment campaign, process and activities as soon as they become available.


The most rewarding career ever

Do you know what it takes to be a firefighter?
A firefighter's work varies and can be challenging. QFES firefighters work four days on and four days off, with two day shifts and two night shifts.
Being a QFES firefighter is a whole new experience; learning, training and working with good people who love what they do. Everyone looks out for one another.

No one day is the same

The role is diverse and includes many different functions.

  • Structural and landscape firefighting
  • Road accident rescue
  • Swiftwater rescue
  • Technical rescue
  • Community education
  • Building inspections
  • Management of hazardous materials
  • Professional development
  • Ongoing training
  • Station and equipment maintenance


To be eligible to apply you must meet all the below minimum requirements:

  • Successful completion of the Beep Test
  • Manual C Class driver licence held for at least 1 year or manual Medium Rigid driver licence (MR licence will be required prior to training commencement)​​
  • Minimum 2 years full time equivalent general paid work experience
  • Successful completion of Year 12, or equivalent as recognised by QFES
  • Australian/New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Residence Status

Selection Process

As part of the recruitment and selection process, applicants will be required to undertake a number of assessments under the QFES selection criteria.

  1. Successful completion of the Beep Test (You are required to successfully complete a Level 8.6, this means you must reach Level 8.7 to demonstrate successful completion. The Beep test must be completed during the "application open" period only)

  2. Online Application Form

  3. Online Cognitive Ability Test

  4. Supervised Testing

  5. Queensland Physical Abilities Test (QPAT1)

  6. State Panel Interviews

  7. Psychological Assessment

  8. Integrity Checks and Referee Reports

  9. Medical Assessment

  10. Criminal History Check

Medical Standards

These are the current QFES Medical Standards, however, final determination on an applicant's suitability is at the discretion of the QFES Medical Advisor.

QFES Medical Standar​ds


Firefighter Rates of Pay – as from 1 July 2017


Old base rate

Inc 2.5%

Weekend Shift

Night Shift

38 Hour Week Allowance

Total Per Fortnight
















Recruit Training

The Recruit Course training takes place at the School of Fire and Emergency Services Training, Brisbane. The course runs for 16 weeks with hours varying according to the scheduled training, although the majority of training is conducted Monday to Friday. The course comprises intensive practical and theoretical instruction. Assignments and tests are used to assess recruits' competency. Recruits must attain the required standard for each competency. A 12-month probationary period applies upon commencement on the Recruit Course.

Will it cost me anything to apply?

All assessment costs are covered by QFES, however you are responsible for any costs associated with your attendance at assessments, including those associated with you completing your QFES Certificate of Indemnity and Fitness Form to participate in the Beep Test.

Should you be successful in the process and be selected for offer of a place on a recruit course, you will also be required to cover the costs associated with your final Medical Assessment.

If I have previously applied, do I have to apply again?

Yes. Previous applications are not considered in the current recruitment campaign. All assessments will need to be completed again regardless of which stage you progressed to previously.

Still have questions?

Check out the QFES Basegrade Firefighter Frequently Asked Questions events or contact the QFES Recruitment Team.

The following documents are provided to assist you in the application process:

QFES Recruitment Team Contact Details

Email : 
Postal : GPO Box 339 BRISBANE QLD 4001
Phone : 07 3635 1930 or 07 3635 1948

The best way to stay up to date with Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment is to regularly check the website.