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Publication Scheme

​​The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services' publication scheme details information we routinely make available to the public. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information.

If you wish to access information that is not publicly available, you may need to submit a Right to Information application.

Our publication scheme

Information in our publication scheme is grouped and accessible through seven classes and is updated as content is developed:

Classes Information you may find in each class
About us


Key People

Legislation and regulations

Our History

Annual Report

Strategic Plan

State Budget Service Delivery Statements

Contact and address details

Fire station listing

State Emergency Service regional contacts

Rural Fire Service Queensland

Our services

Fire Bans and Fire Wardens

Emergency response services

Community safety tips

Disaster management arrangements

Building fire safety

Our volunteers


Rural Fire Service Queensland

Workplace fire safety training

Products and services

Fire evacuation programs – eLearning

Online services

Our finances

Annual Report Financial Statements

State Budget Service Delivery Statements

Emergency management levy

Referral Agency advice fees and charges

Unwanted alarms

The Queensland Procurement Policy

Our priorities

Governing framework

Strategic Plan

Reviews and reports

Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry

Our performance

Report on Government Services

Annual Report

Our decisions

Reviews and Reports

​Queensla​nd Floods Commission of Inquiry

Annual Report

Research and surveys

Queensland Household Survey – Fire Safety and Prevention Measures

Queensland Government Household Survey

Queensland Community Preparedness Survey

Our policies

QFES Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability Action Plan 2015-2016

Legislation and regulations

Disaster Management Act 2003

Disaster Management Regulation 2014

Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990

Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008

Fire and Emergency Services Regulation 2011

Queensland State Disaster Management Plan

Our lists

Gifts and Benefits Register

Training and Emergency Management (regional public course training dates)

Disclosure Log

Sponsorship Register


If you wish to provide feedback to improve our Publication Scheme or make a complaint about the information available, please email

Ministerial Guidelines for Publication Schemes and Disclosure Logs

Publication schemes of related agencies

You can also access the publication schemes for other agencies in the Police and Emergency Services Portfolio:

Queensland Police Service

Public Safety Business Agency

Inspector General Emergency Management

How to make a complaint about the Publication Scheme

We value your comments and any feedback you provide will be used to make improvements to our Publication Scheme.

Individuals wishing to make a complaint or provide feedback about the information available on our Publication Scheme, please e-mail

Terms of Access

  • Where possible, information is directly linked and available for you to download. If you are having difficulties in accessing any of these documents, please email so that we can assist you by providing the information in an alternative format.

  • You will be advised in advance of any charges that may be payable if your request is for a large volume of material.