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Our Lists

Our Lists and Registers

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services provides information on lists and registers required by legislation relating to the functions and business activities of the agency

Gifts and Benefits Register

Gifts and benefits


Training and Emergency Management (regional public course training dates)

Public Program Dates

Disclosure Log

Documents released under the Right to Information Act are progressively published via our disclosure log. Our disclosure log provides details of information released in response to non-personal Right to Information requests made to the Public Safety Business Agency. It contains a description of the information released and, where possible, a link to that information.

Sponsorship Register

Sponsorship arrangements with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are recorded quarterly on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Sponsorship Register.

Information Asset Register

In the interest of transparency, QFES provides details regarding information collected for the purpose of delivering a safer and secure community. The information in this list will be expanded over time. Access to the information within the listed Information Assets is aligned with Queensland legislative requirements. For further information on the attached list, please send an email to or by telephone +61 7 3364 4666 (voicemail) or facsimile +61 7 3364 4675.